I'm Aimee Gamble-Milner, PhD (she/her), a Full-Stack Software Engineer working at Bulb.

My current home is in London, UK and the nearest tube station is Stratford.

I'm using this site to log what I've started to do since I started to live in London, and to serve as encouragement to keep doing them too!

You can see what I'm currently up to on my now page.

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Introducing microformats-parser: a new parser for JavaScript

I wrote a microformats parser. Here's why, and how you can also use it.

This site hasn't been going for too long (at the time of writing, at least) - but I've always been inspired to include microformats as part of it. This was triggered by Jamie Tanna's post on marking up pronoun information in HTML. I've included marked-up data in my bio and feed, but I would like to also be able to verify this data is correct and as I expect while I'm making changes.

Unfortunately, I've not found an easy way of checking the parsed result without manually inputting it to an online parser, such as one of the many available at microformats.io. The existing JavaScript microformats parsers are no longer maintained and do not follow the current specification. So naturally, I decided to write my own...

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Bow Locks Railway Bridge

Bow Locks Railway bridge, with a blue graffiti heart reading "NHS"

31st March 2020 at Bow Locks, London. This was just after the Coronavirus lockdown began and it marked the beginning of exploring the streets in my local area, rather than central London. I never knew how many wonderful places there were right next to where I had been living for the past year!

Developing Black and White film at Home

An overview of the method I use to develop Ilford black and white film.

Before the recent Coronavirus lock-down began I started to shoot film using my Dad's old Pentax Super ME SLR camera, and I started to learn how to develop the film myself.

With the lock-down looming, I decided to purchase a starter kit to develop film at home. And as part of that, I've decided to share my method, findings and extra information on doing it here.

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Checked into The Barbican Centre
Barbican London UK

The Barbican

Today, I went on an extended cycle into the centre of London (to remind myself that I do live in this city). I was promised deserted streets like scenes from 28 Days Later. But it seems like life is still going on. Buses are running, deliveries are still being made and people were exercising in the park.

Perhaps you need to be up at the crack of dawn to get a photo of an empty Trafalgar Square?

My route took me down Victoria Embankment, through Westminster (seeing the Pelicans at St. James's Park), the not-so-silent Trafalgar square, then... I got lost 😅. Thankfully I popped out at Russell Square, made it to Euston and headed to the Barbican (via Angel) - one of my favourite places to visit in the City.