I'm Aimee Gamble-Milner, PhD (she/her), a Senior Software Engineer working at Bulb.

My current home is in London, UK and the nearest tube station is Stratford.

I'm using this site to log what I've started to do since I started to live in London, and to serve as encouragement to keep doing them too!

You can see what I'm currently up to on my now page.

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Tommy Godwin to Cafe Velo, Beverly

Map of activity "Tommy Godwin to Cafe Velo, Beverly"

  • Distance 329.53km
  • Moving time 12h 40m
  • Speed (avg) 25.9km/h
  • Elevation 1542m
  • Bike Belle
  • Elapsed time 15h 45m
  • Speed (max) 56.5km/h
  • Temperature 14°C

With Hannah and Arran, we took a taste of one day of Tommy Godwin's World Record: cycling 75,065 miles in a year (in 1939!) at an average of 205 miles per day. We cycled from Nottingham to Beverly, passing over the Humber Bridge, and arrived home to Arran and Gill's with a Barbeque.

To the peaks!

Map of activity "To the peaks!"

  • Distance 129.64km
  • Moving time 5h 59m
  • Speed (avg) 21.6km/h
  • Elevation 2014m
  • Bike Belle
  • Elapsed time 8h 38m
  • Speed (max) 57.2km/h
  • Temperature 12°C

A training ride out with Hannah and Jonathon. I remember this being a nice day out, and that we visited a vegetarian cafe in the peak district. I had no idea where it was, until the year after when we visited the Peak district and stumbled across this same cafe! The cafe was at Caudwell’s Mill at Rowsley, which was also very interesting to visit.

Everybody Rides to Skeggy Audax (300km)

Map of activity "Everybody Rides to Skeggy Audax (300km)"

  • Distance 301.63km
  • Moving time 12h 7m
  • Speed (avg) 24.8km/h
  • Elevation 1815m
  • Bike Belle
  • Elapsed time 15h 2m
  • Speed (max) 61.5km/h
  • Temperature 5°C

My first Audax (of quite a few) and my first 300km! Again, I was talked into this by Arran. It's clear I had caught the ultra-long distance bug by now.